Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sturz (3): Byzantine-Papyrus Readings John

Continuing List 1 with Readings from John's Gospel:

1:39   ηλθαν * και   P5 P ΓΔΠ unc9 700   pm c f q vg arm  Κ ς 

2:15  ανεστρεψεν P75 ALPΓΔΛΠ* unc9 pl (Or)   Κ ς
2:24  εαυτον αυτοις P66 אc A2 PWΓΔΘΛΠ unc9 pm it-pc vg Or-pt Κ ς
4:14  διψηση  P66 C3W ΛΠ unc8 pm  Κ ς
4:31  εν δε τω   P75 AC3ΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 pl b f ff2 m q co cy-cp (Or) Chr Cyr  Κ ς
5:37  αυτος   P66 AΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 pl lat sy Eus Κ ς
6:10  ωσει  (P28)P66() AΓΔΘΛΠ unc9 λ φ pl   Κ ς
6:57  ζησεται  P66 EGHMSUVWΓΔ(Θ)ΛΠ(Ω) (unc7) λ  pm lect.1561  Κ ς
7:3    θευρησωσι  P66 B3XΓΔΛΠ unc8 λ  pm  Κ ς
7:39  πνευμα αγιον  P66 LNWXΓΔΛ unc6 λ φ 33 1241 pl (sa) (0r) Ath Did Chr Cyr...  Κ ς
7:40  Πολλοι  P66 ΓΔΛΠ unc7 118 pl f q go sy   Κ ς
8:21  αυτοις ο Ιησους  p66c ΓΔΘΛΨ  unc8 λ φ 33 pm lat co Chr  Κ ς
8:51  το λογον τον εμον  P66 ΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 λ φ pm latt sy   Κ ς
8:54  δοξαζω  P66 אc C2LXΓΔΛΠ  unc8 pl    Κ  ς
9:16  αλλοι   P66 P75 ALXΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 28 pm it-pl (vg) go arm sy-p Chr   Κ ς
9:19  αρτι βλεπει  P66 AXΓΔΛΠΨ  unc7 λ φ 565 579 1241 pm co lat  Κ ς
9:26  αυτω παλιν  p66 AXΓΔΘΛ  unc8 λ φ pl f q go (sy) arm eth Cyr  Κ ς
9:28  ελοιδορησαν  P66 AX ΓΔΛ unc8  φ (-69) 28 al b e l q (vg) arm Aug Κ 
9:35  ειπεν αυτω   P66 אcAL(X auton) ΓΔΘΛ unc7 pl sy-s lat   Κ ς
10:19  σχισμα ουν παλιν  P66 AΓΔΘΛΠΨ  unc7 λ φ pl (bo) sy-p Chr Cyr  Κ ς
10:29  ος   P66 P75 AB2MUX ΓΔΘΠ (Λ ous)  unc8  λ φ 33 565 pl sa sy-sph eth  Κ ς
10:29b  μειζων παντων εστι  p66 AΓΔΘΛΠ  unc8  λ φ 33 565 pl lat go sa sy-sph Bas Dial Chr   Κ ς
10:31  εβαστασαν ουν παλιν  P66 AXΠ  unc-rell  λ  565 pl (sy)  Κ ς
10:32  πατρος μου  P66(P75)אc  ALWX unc-rell λ φ   pl lat  Κ ς
10:38  πιστευσατε  P45 P66 AEGHMSXΓ Λ λ φ  118 209 pl Ath Bas Chr  Κ ς
10:38b  αυτω  P45 AΓΔΘΛΠ   unc7 λ φ pl b f ff2 l go sy-p  Cyp  Κ ς
11:19  προς τας περι  (P45) AC3ΓΔΘΛΠΨΩ  unc7 λ φ   565 pm  Κ ς
11:21  μαρθα  P45 AΓΔΛ unc7 pl  Κ ς
11:21b  ο αδελφος μου ουκ αν  P45 P66 C3ΓΔΘΛΠΩ  unc8   φ   pl  Κ ς
11:29   εγειρεται  P45 P66 AC2ΓΔΘΛΠ  unc8 λ φ pm l vg  Κ ς
11:31  λεγοντες   P66 AC2ΓΔΘΛΠΨ  unc8 pm it vg sa sy-ph    Κ ς
11:32  εις  P66 AC3ΓΔΘΛΠ  unc8   φ pl   Κ ς
11:32b  απεθανεν μου ο αδελφος  P45 AC3XΓΛΠ  unc8  λ (φ) pl   Κ ς
12:6  ειχεν και  P66 AIXΓΔΛΠΨ   unc8 pl a b c f go arm   Κ ς
12:9  οχλος πολυς  P66 P75 AB3IQXΘΨ  λ φ 33 pl f g vg bo go sy-ph  Κ ς
12:36  εως  P66 XΓΔΛΠ3  unc8  λ φ 1241 pm   Κ ς
12:36b  ο Ιησους P75 אcAXΓΔΛΠ  unc8 rell Libere Chr  Κ ς
13:26     και εμβαψας  P66 AWΓΘΛΠΨ  unc8 λ  Κ ς
13:26b    ισκαριωτη    P66 AWΓΔΛΠ* unc7  λ φ pm vg-c go co arm Or   Κ ς
14:5  δυναμεθα την οδον ειδεναι P66 AC2LNQWXΓΔΘΛΠ  unc6  λ φ pl it-pc vg  Κ ς
19:4  εξηλθεν ουν  P66c EGHMSUWYΔΘΛ  φ pm   Κ ς
19:11  απεκριθη  αυτου  P66c AXYΔΛΠ unc6  φ pm it-pc vg go co arm sy-p  Κ ς
19:35  εστιν αυτου η μαρτ.   P66EGKSUΛ  579 pm am ing Caes   Κ   
20:17   πατερα μου P66 ALOXΓΔΘΛΠ  unc6 λ φ pl lat sy-ps sa bo  Κ ς

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sturz (2): Byzantine-Papyrus Readings Luke

Here again are examples from Sturz' List 1, (cont.)

Distinctively Byzantine - Papyrus Alignments (Byz Text-type p. 145 fwd):


6:28  καταρωμενους υμιν P75 EHLSUVΔΘΛ pm Just (Or) Κ ς
6:39  δε   P45 [P75] APΓΔΛΠ unc7 pl co go sy-p Κ ς 
9:30  μωσης   P45 AEGHMPSUVΓΛ λ pm (Κ) ς
10:21  τω πνευματι  P45 AEGHMSUVWΓΔΛ φ pl f g bo-pt Cl Bas Cyr   Κ ς
10:39  του ιησου P45 P75(-του)  AB3C2PWΓΔΘΛΠ unc9 λ φ pl b sy-ptxt Bas Κ ς
11:12  η και εαν  P45 AWXΓΔΘΛΠ  unc9   pl Κ ς (ΑΘΛ pc αν)
11:12   αιτηση  P45 EFGMSUVWXΠ  φ pm Κ ς
11:33  το φεγγος  P45 ALWΓΔΛΠ unc8 28 33 pm Κ ς
11:50  εκχυνομενον  P75 HKMSVXΓΘΛ λ pl  Κ ς
12:5   εξουσιαν εχοντα   P45 EGHMSUVΓΔΛ pm eth Tert  Κ ς
12:21  εαυτω  P75  AQXΓΔΘΛΠ λ  unc9 pl Κ ς
12:22  ψυχη υμων  P45 XΓΔΛΠ unc8 φ pl a e g2 vg-ed sy-c sa bo eth Cl Ath Κ ς
12:23  η ψυχη  P45 AEGHKQUVWΓΔΛΠ pl a f ff2 i q g-l vg sy-ptxt  Κ ς
12:30  επιζητει  P45 AQWΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 λ pl Bas Ath Κ ς
12:31  την βασιλειαν του θεου  P45 AD2QWXΓΔΘΛΠ 070 unc8 λ φ pl d it-pl vg sy-c Cl Mcion  Κ ς
13:2    οτι τοιαυτα  P75 AWXΓΔΘΛΠ 070 unc8 λ (φ) pm it vg Chr  Κ ς
13:19  δενδρον μεγα  P45 AWXΓΔΘΛΠ unc9 λ φ pl c f q sy-p eth  Κ ς
13:28  οψησθε  P75 AB2LRWΓΔΛΠ  070 unc8 pl it vg Ir  Κ ς [WH]
14:3    ει εξεστιν  P45  AWXΔΛΠ unc8 λ φ pl it-pl vg (sa) sy-c  Κ ς
14:23  ο οικος μου P45 PWΓΔΛ unc8  λ φ pl lat Bas  Κ ς
14:34  εαν δε  P75  ARWΓΔΛΠ unc8 pl e ff2 i vg-ed co sy-p eth arm  Κ ς
15:21  υοις σου  P75 ALPQRWΓΔΘΛΠ unc7 λ φ  pl it (vg) go co sy-h arm Aug  Κ ς
15:22  την στολην  P75 D2EGHK2MRSUVXΓΔΛ  pl Ps Chr Dam   Κ ς
23:53  εθηκεν αυτο  P75 ALPWXΓΔΘΛΠ unc8 pl c  Κ ς
24:47  αρξαμενον  P75 AC3FHKMUVWΓΔ* ΛΠ λ φ pm (a c e l) (sy-sp) arm  Κ ς

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sturz: Byzantine Readings with Early Papyrus Support

Here are examples from Sturz' List 1, (abbrev.)

Distinctively Byzantine - Papyrus Alignments (Byz Text-type p. 145 fwd):


26:22 εκαστος αυτων (P37)P45 AWΓΔ(Θ)ΠΣΦ unc8 λ φ 28 565 700 1241 1582 pl sy-p Eus K ς (We'll just list the Byz. reading)


5:42  εξεστησαν P45 AWΘΠΣ unc9 λ φ 565 700 pl it vg sy sa geo K ς
6:2   εν τη συναγωγη διδασκειν  AΝWΠΣΦ unc9 pl λ φ 28 565 700 1071 g1 g2 i q vg go K ς
6:45  απολυση  P45 A E2 FHMSUVWΠ 33 pm K ς
6:48  ειδεν P45 EFGHSUΓΠ2 λ φ 565 700  pm sy arm eth  K ς
6:50  ειδον (or ιδον itac.)   (P45) AKLMVXΓΔΠ pl K ς
7:12  και ουκετι αφιετε  P45 AWXΓΠ unc9 579  pl f g2 vg go sy arm K ς
7:30  το δαιμ. εξελ. και την θυγ. βεβλ.  AΝWXΠ unc9 φ   pl a n sy-p go arm K ς
7:30  επι της κλινης   P45 W λ φ 33 565 pl  K ς
7:31  και σιδωνος ηλθε  P45 AΝWXΓΠ unc9 λ φ   pl q sy-s sy-p go arm (sa) K ς
7:32  μογιλαλον P45 ALΝXΓΠ unc9 λ φ   pl co sy-s sy-p go (arm) K ς
7:35  ευθεως  P45 AEFGHKMNSUVWXΘΠ 0132 λ φ   565 700 pl c f 1 vg  sy-s sy-p (sa) go eth arm  K ς
7:35  διηνοιχθησαν  P45 ANXΓΠ  0132 unc9 φ   579  pm K ς
7:36  αυτος αυτοις P45 EFGHKMNSUV ΓΠ φ   pl sy go eth arm  K ς
9:6 ησαν γαρ εκφοβοι P45 AKNUWXΓΠΦ unc9 λ φ 700 pl f l g1 vg sy-p co go   K ς
9:20  ευθεως το πνευμα  P45 AINWXΓΘΠΦ unc9 λ φ 700 pl ς
9:20  εσπαραξεν   P45 AINWXΓΘΠ unc9 λ φ 565 700 pl   K  ς
12:6  αγαπητον αυτου   P45 ANWXΓΠΦ unc9 λ φ 28  pl   K  ς
12:16  ειπον   P45 NXΓΘΠ unc9 λ φ pl   K  ς

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Translation: NKJV - Pharmakeia as 'Drug-dealing'

 The Greek word pharmakeia has a range of uses in ancient literature:

The New King James Version offers the following footnote at Rev. 9:21:

 And they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries [fn] or their sexual immorality or their thefts.
footnote:  (9:21) NU-Text and M-Text read drugs.

Clearly the translators are aware of the range of meanings for this word and its cognates.

Nazaroo has previously reported that drug-dealing apparently appears in the Greek NT some five times:

Drug Dealers In the Bible? Where?

Drug dealing is treated gravely and severely condemned in the New Testament: 5 times.

(Gal.5:20, Rev.9:21, 18:23, 21:8, 22:15, original Greek)

Paul Spoke out against Drug Dealing:

Gal 5:20 "Now the works of the flesh are OBVIOUS: sexual immorality, uncleanness, ... DRUG DEALING ( pharmakeia )...and things like these I am warning you, THOSE WHO DO THEM WILL NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD!"
John also Speaks out against Drugs:
Rev. 9:21 "Nor did they even repent of their murders or their DRUG DEALING (ton pharmakon) or their sexual immorality or their robbery."

Rev 22:15 "OUTSIDE (heaven) are the dogs and the DRUG DEALERS (hoi pharmakoi), and everyone who practises falsehood."

Rev 18:23 Babylon the Great City has fallen...All nations were deceived by your DRUG DEALING (en te pharmakeia)"

Rev 21:8 "But as for the ...DRUG DEALERS (pharmakois) their place will be in the Lake of Fire, which is the Second Death!"

Others have also dealt with this subject recently, and come to similar conclusions, at least in the allowance of drug-dealing as included in the meaning of NT text:

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Chase (1897) on Mark 16:9-20

Here is the appendix to Chase's work on Codex Bezae, in which he discusses Mark's ending (click to enlarge the pages, then backbutton returns here):


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