Monday, January 24, 2011

Digging into Sinaiticus

As a spin-off from our previous post, we revisit the same page of Sinaiticus again:

A far more interesting and illustrative shot of the top-left of the same page can be seen below (Acts 3:9b fwd)

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Line 1:   a small "o" and an overhanging dash replace the last "N" to keep the line from being overlong.
Line 2:  "ΘΕΟΝ" is contracted to "ΘΝ" with a short horizontal dash marking the abbreviation.
Line 3:  "ΑΥΤΟΝ" is written above the line with an "λ" above the line to mark the intended point of insertion of the accidentally omitted word.
Line 5: "οc" is written very small to keep the line from being overlong.
Line 6: letters bleed through from the back obscuring the "N" twice.
Line 7: an umlaut is used here to mark the accent and beginning of "ιερου".
Line 9: is cut short to end the sentence disconnecting it from the following "ΚΑΙ", which has been wrongly identified as a semitic construction indicating a new sentence.
Line 10: "ΚΑΙ" has been written outdented as per note in line 9.
Line 12:  a special "Dot & Space" has been copied from the original master, possibly previously copied from a papyrus, correctly indicating a new paragraph.


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