Sunday, February 6, 2011

Codex B & Mark's Ending Revisited

James Snapp Jr. informs us on his webpage discussing Vaticanus that, if an ending were added to the MS,
"The subscription would thus be in the lower margin, but this occurs in two other places in the codex (at the end of Luke and at the end of Philippians); the copyist did not see that as a problem."
The Ending of Luke, with 'subscription' (Scribal Signature) shown below, reaching below the bottom margin:

Codex Vaticanus: Luke's Ending - Click to Enlarge
Likewise, the 'subscription' at the end of Philippians also extends below the line, showing that the Scribe did not have much concern for this issue.

Codex VaticanusEnding of Philippians 


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