Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scholarly 19th cent. NT Books for sale!

Here is an example of some interesting volumes that others might want:


Analecta Theologica  - William Trollope (1842) 'New ed.' - 2 vols.

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I had a friend in printing bus. trim some of these books, and I rebound them.
Other than minimal (expected) foxing, and slight waving of textblock,
solid, like-new condition.  8vo quarter-leather new front/back and endpapers:


 Commentary: Gospels/Acts - Benson (1850) Vol IV (key vol. ) large 8vo

This came to me like an ancient spellbook (its also huge but surprisingly light);
I restored the Spine and board connections with leather, reinforcing with heavy linen and stitching, and lacquered the boards.  I used minimal intervention here to preserve the look and feel.

- Bloomfield (1839) 2 vols. 8vo
This is the definitive Greek NT (GNT) with extensive notes in English for the 1800-1850s.  These were varathaned and only hinges were reinforced with carpenter's glue.  Great shape for their age, hardly read if at all. 


Greek Testament - Wordsworth (1859) 2 vols. LARGE 8vo (see photo) 4vo?

 This is the rarest of rare editions of this 7-edition run.
That white is real virgin-vellum, an expensive fad never to be reproduced again.
Crappy 2 vol. sets of this book (without the vellum) are typically priced between $200-800 AM. The vellum is like new, and so are the volumes. Heavy gold titling.
I loved these so much I built a box for them. The golden age of British NT scholarship, never to be repeated.

If you are interested in any of these lovely books, leave a note below and/or email me at

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